“Drug Wars Collateral Damage: US Counternarcotic Aid and Human Rights in the Americas by: Horace A. Bartilow Source: Volume 49, Number 2, 2014 pp. 24-46”

The article talks about the United State’s contradictions and the effects in relation to its stands in the War against Drugs. While the United States promises to respect and defend Human Rights around the World, the effects of the aid that it sends to Latin American, Mexico and Colombia, to fight the traffic of illegal Drugs smuggled in to reach North America comes along with vigorous waves of violence having thousaFeatured imagends of deaths in Latin America. He appoints this disjunctive by stating “US counternarcotic aid interacts with the democratic institutional characteristics of recipient governments that areengaged in the execution of the drug war, it degrades respect for human rights (Bartilow 24).” He includes Institutions, financial support, and the effect these two have in the devalue of Human Rights.

I believe this work can be used in several ways; One can find helpful this article on a research project, as a Historic document or an statistical proof. Dr. Bartillow is a professor at University of New York in the subjects of Political Science. He has a background that could justify his influence in the protection of Human Liberties through his musical influences.

The Article provides data and an analysis of the sociopolitical effects that the War has, therefore I believe its a good source to use in a  political debate or the defense for Human Rights.

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