Androff, David K., and Tavassoli, Kyoko Y. “Deaths in the Desert: The Human Rights Crisis on the U.S.–Mexico Border.” Social Work 57, no. 2 (2012): 165-73.

This a picture of U.S border patrol officers firing tear gas at mass migrants traveling from Central America attempting to enter the U.S. from Tijuana Mexico. This picture was chosen because it shows the extent in which the U.S. government goes to stop migrants. From tear gassing to inhumane detention centers the U.S does not where to end the unethical abuse.  

Due to the tightening of border security many migrations face  being criminalized by U.S. authorities. There are three major areas that resulted in human right violations along the border: (1) being the rise of death and injuries of migrants crossing the border in harsh and remote locations, (2) the use of mass hearings to prosecute apprehended migrants, (3) the abuse of migrants undergo in immigration detentions centers. Immigration reform measurements such as the strict policies in place, intended to decrease the number of migrants entering the U.S., have actually not lowered migration rates but have increased the suffering and death of migrants. Due to this attempt to reduce the number of  unauthorized migrants from crossing the border, it has caused migrants to find passages in less heavily restricted areas. These rural conditions has migrants to endure fatal environmental concerns. This has increased the number of deaths. Many migrants are unprepared for the harsh conditions, where they are scare in food and water. As a result causes severe physical damages and are unable to survive to the conditions. There has been many preventative measures implemented to reduce the number of deaths, signs have been placed along the desert stating the risks of crossing, public health campaigns bringing awareness to the conditions. There has been humanitarian organizations that have helped out well over 25,000 migrants, assisting with water stations and,  desert aid camps. However, critic believe that with these prevention encourages immigrants to look pass the dangerous condition due to the help of these organization.

In this article the author addresses the impact of immigration in not only migrants themselves but also U.S. citizens. there are three important factors that affecting the lives of migrants. They expand more on these issues throughout the article and provide example to support their argument . However, in the end   The author believes that social workers should advocate for policies that honor the value of equality, fairness, justice, and respect for human relationships. Considering previous that have only increased death rates.
In recent political discussions, the topic of immigration reform is frequently brought up due to the current U.S. president (Donald J. Trump) and he’s agenda for the US- Mexico border. However, many of those who are in support of building a wall along the board to decrease migration into the United State, overlook the human rights crisis that goes on in the U.S.-Mexico Border. I believe that the U.S. government’s policies making intended to decrease migration have unintended or “intended” consequences. The more the U.S. government puts into place reform  measurements to stop migration, it increases the number of undocumented individuals forced to enter the U.S. illegally. It is sad to know that these policies are in place stop migrants from coming however, they are leading cause migrants deaths.

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