Angotti, Tom. “Introduction: Urban Latin America: Violence, Enclaves, and Struggles for Land.” Latin American Perspectives40, no. 2 (2013): 5-20.

In the journal article “Urban Latin America Violence, Enclaves, and Struggles for Land” by Tom Angotti, the resulting issues that arise from the urbanization of rural land in Latin America are explored into great detail. The struggle between social classes and the power wealth wields are some of the central points presented. The purchase of once free rural land by wealthy elites and it transformation into urban cities have forced the people that once inhabited that land to start over in a new environment. The wealthy upper class people that own and control much of this land that has been turned into urban cities that have no intention of helping the lower class but have every intention of imposing their ideals into the area. The author points out that urbanization causes food shortages by eliminating old school farming in favor of industrial work. Additionally, the divide between the upper-class elites and the poor lower class becomes more evident than ever as the wealthy basically control the lives of the poor that work for them. The wealthy investors change the area to fit their mold not that of the people that actually inhabit the area. This has been an issue for many years in Latin America and looks to continue. 

            This author explores the difficulties that the lower-class populations in Latin American experience when wealthy upper class elites urbanize rural land in a detailed but not overly complex manner. The background information and past instances of urbanization of rural land in this article proves to be very useful in helping readers relate to these issues and get real world examples of these atrocities. Additionally, the sheer amount of information brought forth is majorly important and not in the least bit filler. 

            Realistically this piece of literature could be used effectively as either a starting point to gather ideas for research and or a piece to strengthen a hypothesis in a specific area of study. 

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