Laura Carlsen, Mexico’s False Dilemma: Human Rights or Security, 10 NW. J. HUM. RTS. 146 (2012).

Carlsen’s article focuses on the execution of the war on drugs by the Mexican Government and the use of the army to fight it. There have been thousands of people that have died because of the war on drugs and the actions that the government has been taking has not shown any progress in over a decade. Carlsen argues that there have been very few court cases and even less convictions of army personnel in the deaths of Mexican citizens regardless if they are members of a cartel or innocent bystanders. The article suggests that the government is to blame and needs to change its course of action to stop the unnecessary deaths of thousands of people.

            The article gives a different point of view to the war on drugs in Mexico than many Americans may have. We view drugs as bad, so the strict approach seems reasonable, however there are factors that Americans do not consider when thinking about a full out war on drugs. Due process is a human right that everyone deserves and should get in a court of law. The army goes into the communities, with many innocent civilians and uses excessive force and violence. Some may take the law into their own hands and some innocent people get falsely accused. The Article may remind Americans of the war on drugs at home that has incarcerated so many people, but then it reminds you that the Mexicans involved are not being incarcerated but killed. Being in a Human Rights journal, the article is meant to raise awareness among other Human Rights activists.

            With an interest in Human Rights violations in Mexico, Carlsen’s article gives some insight into the corruption and violations that the Government and Army commit. It will help give information of the war on drugs and allow me to expand on more Human Rights violations that may stem from the war on drugs. It will help me understand the governments role and some of the actions and inactions they have taken to create the current situation.

The image shows how the Mexican Government is shooting itself in the foot as the only blood spilled from the war on drugs is that of the 45,000 civilians who have died because of it.

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