Padilla, Pingel, Renda, Reyes, and Fiereck. “Gender, Sexuality, Health and Human Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean.” Global Public Health 5, no. 3 (2010): 213-20.

Padilla, et al. in the article Gender, Sexuality, Health and Human Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean, as the title suggests, discusses various problems concerning these contemporary public issues and their connections to potential human rights violations. They analyze various papers as well as observe socio political conditions of the specific countries they study to better understand the various ways folks think and make claims about what is considered a violation of human rights and what is not.

Padilla, Pingel, Renda, Reyes, and Fiereck are professionals in the fields of education and health whose intersecting research interests and expertise lie in the studies concerning gender and sexuality, public and global health, and sociology in the regions of Latin America and the Caribbean as reflected in the content of the aforementioned article. This article also cited the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) as a primary document utilized by scholars and scholar-activists to defend their arguments and positions on issues such as abortion, HIV, gender bias, and abortion.

This article, as it relates to the study of human rights and within the scope of this class, showcases the ways through which we see how human rights continue to be a topic that is longly-disputed and debated especially in societies where there are varying cultures, traditions, and technologies; however, it is also important to note the contributions of this research article in progressively moving towards creating a “sustainable” human rights approach in gender, sexuality, public and global health.

ABOUT THE PHOTO: The image of an intersection symbolizes the ways through which we see themes and issues in human rights as either complementing or contradicting. It is an image that is simple to understand when explaining further what human rights are.

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