Self-acclaimed “pro-life” in Argentina

The article chosen speaks on certain religious and “self-acclaimed ‘pro-life’” movements within Argentina and their roles on reproductive justice and a woman’s rights to her own body. The authors specifically cite several organizations the Catholic church has supported and implemented in Argentine society, such as Portal de Belén, Consorcio de Médicos Católicos, Corporación de Abogados Católicos. The Catholic Church has proven time and time again the power they have over people in implementing their sexual agenda against access to contraceptives and access to safe abortions. These “pro-life” organizations aim to spread their views from the public to the government using several different tactics. For example, there were legal arguments to oppose the access to reproductive health citing damage to women’s health and protecting the rights of “unborn children.” The NGO Portal de Belén sued the National Ministry of Health in Argentina for providing the emergency contraceptive pill in Argentina claiming that they were protecting unborn children’s right to life and won which further restricted access to contraceptives.

The authors do well in organizing their points and giving clear examples of religious NGO’s trying to spread their opinions within government organizations and how these organizations do well in organizing themselves. In addition, the authors explicitly point out how the Catholic Church has organized diverse groups of people and implemented them within everyday society. The authors keep their arguments clear and concise but they also understand what they are writing about and use language to appeal to the everyday people. Both authors are researchers and focus on sexual and reproductive rights meaning their arguments hold.

This source can be used later to try and understand the Catholic Church’s influence in the Argentine government and why legislation on sexual and reproductive rights have been so difficult to pass. Specifically, why legislation on abortion has been difficult to pass and to appeal to the religious public. 

The image above was found on google and means to show that no matter how many “pro-life” NGO’s try to influence government legislation, they will never stop abortions, just the access to safe abortions.

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