Shipley, Tyler. “The New Canadian Imperialism and the Military Coup in Honduras.” Latin American Perspectives 40, no. 5 (2013): 44-61.

This article explores the human rights problems in Honduras, through the lens of Canadian imperialism. It covers the problems being faced in Honduras, from natural resource competition to violation of human rights, leading to the military coup and Canadian intervention, as well as other countries trying to be involved in the overtaking of Honduras.

The article is helpful as it outlines the problems being faced in Honduras, and was published in recent years. The only problem with the article is the parts that steer away from Honduras and focus mainly on the issue of Western imperialism, although this is still an issue that we will be exploring in our topic, as a major problem in Honduras right now are the large caravans moving from Honduras to the United States.

This article will be particularly useful as it explores the many types of imperialism Honduras has faced, and how those external forces affect the state of Honduras, as well as how these events added to the human rights violations in Honduras, from the past up until 2013. It will be missing the last few years of events, but will include the colorful imperialistic past Honduras has gone through.

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