Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. Second Report on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders in the Americas. Vol. II. Swedish Foundation of Human Rights, 2011.

The author’s project is to clarify what persons qualify as a human rights defenders, follow up on the last report from the Inter-American Commission on Human rights, and lastly go over many of the challenges human rights defenders face in Venezuela. The introduction of the report briefly covers the details of the last report and the definition of a “human rights defender,” the remainder of the report goes over the specific details including violent, illegal threats and situations defenders face, as well as legal threats and ramifications imposed by the Venezuelan government.   Next, it dedicates a large portion to particularly vulnerable defenders, such as organization leaders, and the specific dangers they face. Lastly, to conclude the report the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights gives solutions and methods to help protect human rights defenders so they can better, and more safely, carry out their duties to bring human rights violators to justice and be sure that Venezuelan citizens have access to their human rights.

One of the major strengths of this report is that it is very organized and has a large amount of statistics and reliable evidence. The report is separated into distinct paragraphs, each with its own labeled purpose and point. The author concisely writes out facts and challenges defenders face, which make it easy for the audience to quickly gain an understanding of the struggles these people face in Venezuela. The large amount of information available serve as excellent logos- since the report comes from a heavily accredited and reliable source, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the report is incredibly reliable and provides in-depth analysis that could only be retrieved by an organization that has a vast amount of resources.

This resource would be particular useful for this course and our topic because it provides a large amount of statistics, facts, and narratives that would otherwise be unobtainable or from an unreliable source. We could use the information to list the different dangerous situations defenders face, as well as analyze the resolutions the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to create our own solutions for the crisis in Venezuela

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