FORERO, JUAN, and EZEQUIEL MINAYA. “Venezuela Raises Iron Hand Against Protesters.” Wall Street Journal – Eastern Edition, April 17, 2014., A12, Academic Search Complete, EBSCOhost (accessed April 20, 2015).

I believe this picture accurately depicts the fundamental argument that all human rights protesters share. Messages like this are simple yet strong enough to drive home an unforgettable message.

Tags: Human rights, Venezuela, protest, violence, political dissent, political persecution.

Summary: In this project, the author sets out to draw attention to the escalating amounts of brutality taking place in Venezuela, under the regime of the new president Nicolas Maduro. Maduro is the predecessor of Hugo Chavez, a political figure known for violating the rights of his people. According to the author, Maduro might be even more violent in his methods of dealing with political opponents, especially protesters. The president has, on multiple occasions, used the armed forces to attack civilians and protesters have even been killed.

The strength of the project comes in the form of the words given by Lillian Ortega, a human rights group leader in Venezuela who has spent time interviewing victims of these brutal attacks. She explains how the government calls these protectors “terrorists” in the media and therefor justifies the violent actions taken against the protesters. The intended audience of this article are Americans who may not be familiar with the situation. This piece effectively illustrates the many violations committed by the Venezuelan government.

This piece serves as a reminder that human rights violations occur in many parts of the world. Governments and their officials are able to get away with violating some of the most basic human rights simply by abusing their authority. This also helps us to understand the power free speech and how many people in the world suffer because they made a decision to speak out about an injustice. As Americans, it is easy to forget people in other parts of the world take a major risk when speaking their mind. This article allows us a look at the new president of Venezuela and the various methods he employs to restrict the human rights of his people while having them live in constant fear.

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