U.S. Cuba Policy, Human Rights Vie for Spotlight at the America’s

I found this picture on Google Images, it is relevant to my annotated bibliography because it shows both president Obama (far right) and Raul Castro (far left) in attendance at the America’s Summit.

The Author briefly discusses the importance of Obama’s interaction with Cuban President Raul Castro in the “Summit of Americas”, hosted in Panama. Since Obama is attempting to fix diplomatic relations with Cuba, the interaction is critical especially since there have been no negotiation made since the cold war era when U.S. implemented sanctions and cut off ties with the Latin American country due its identification with communism and soviet alliance over fifty years ago.
What I observed and really liked about the article is how it does not lean toward either side of the political spectrum, and instead objectively presents the information on re-establishing diplomatic ties. I also like how the author provided brief information on what the “Summit of the Americas”, which all together gave me better clarification on how to link the topics of Latin America, Cuba, Human rights since the summit is a place where the leaders of the western hemisphere gather and talk about political, social, environmental issues.
This article is important because one should always at least have an idea on the big issues that are going on in the world. It is also relevant because the dossier topic my groups and I are choosing is on human rights violations in Guantanamo Bay and How Cuba’s location is the key factor for the letting the United States get away with torture to prisoners of war. Finally, this article is also relevant because it associates topics discusses in “Gods Assassins” on behave of the U.S. crusades for third world country and how the repercussion of US action still have affect on US to this day.

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  1. Ghitis, Frida. 2015. “U.S. Cuba Policy, Human Rights Vie for Spotlight at Americas Summit.” World Politics Review (Selective Content) 1. Academic Search Complete, EBSCOhost (accessed April 17, 2015).


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