Magendzo, Abraham K., and Pavez, Jorge B. “A Perspective of Controversy in Human Rights Education: A Curricular Proposition.” Prospects: Quarterly Review of Comparative Education 47, no. 1-2 (2017): 17-2), P.17-29.

This photo captures the future of what the world must achieve. Everyone has a right to look at material that teaches them about their indivual liberties through curriculum. I found this image from a website that advocates for human rights curriculum for the youth striving to make it a global reality.

Within teaching human rights there are multiple outlets to learn from, the most obvious is school. When it comes to educating in the classroom generally teachers use a straightforward method of teaching the topic at hand. The author proposes instead of using the same old straightforward technique, why not try teaching the curriculum in a controversial way, they provide reasons for why teaching Latin American students in a challenging perspective manner about human rights could be beneficial for the long run. The author further highlights how teaching human rights from a controversial perspective can be intertwined with other topics such as civic education, education for peace, and more topics pertaining to community matters. The main takeaway point is that by incorporating controversial issues in several fundamental human rights issues it provides a positive outcome and better understanding of freedom, individual rights, justice, and more.

The article does a good job of providing background for the reader and organizing it in a way that’s clear and concise. It introduces what human rights are and what they mean to Latin Americans and ultimately breaks it down to what they could mean if further analyzed in a more skeptical way. It goes in depth to say how human rights are more than meets the eye and even in one instance goes on to compare them to a constituent of the arts. By comparing a new strategy to the arts it further proves that the author believes this new method is profound, yet familiar. It’s very transparent what the project’s goal, to shake educators and even more demonstrate to the people and students not how teaching should be, but what it could be.

In the sense that all things matter and nothing should be left out, I believe not so with this particular work. On it’s own it does a good job of explaining why freedom and equality matter in a controversial perspective, as well as explaining how the UDHR is fundamentally important on these factors. From this article I gained knowledge of how to present things in a new prosperous way and that ties into our themes for class in the sense of comprehending and presentation of new ideas. There’s a better development for understanding how language and demonstrations of new ideas is extremely important and we must pay close attention to how it affects global matters.

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